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Charcoal Odor

Charcoal Odor

There are many types of bbq grills available in the market. There are charcoal grills, smoker grills and various others. But among all the best and the most popular is the gas BBQ. The purists however will suggest otherwise. According to the barbecue purists the best form of grill is the charcoal grill.

The reason why charcoal grill is said to be the best is because it retains the taste of the meat when cooked. But since the gas BBQ has become available in the market the demand for charcoal grill has faded out. This is because charcoal grill creates a lot of mess while cooking and also is not easily portable. On the other hand gas grill is very convenient and portable. It only takes a twist of the knob for it to start working.

There are many benefits of choosing gas barbecues:
The most obvious advantage is the opportunity to get rid of all the mess if you use gas BBQ. Unlike charcoal grill, gas barbecues are easy to start. It also helps you to maintain an even temperature. This in turn helps you to cook your food evenly without having to worry about your food being burnt.
It is best both for outdoor and indoor barbecue. You can also carry it to a distant place if you are traveling as it is very light and easily portable.
If you are planning a backyard bbq then you can connect it directly to home gas line. If you are camping outdoors or traveling then it can be used with the help of a refillable propane tank. It is easy to use as you can turn it on with the help of a switch or a knob.
It is easy to control the cooking temperature in a gas barbecue. With the twist of a knob or a switch you can lower or increase the temperature as and when you want. But in charcoal grill it is not easy and unless you are an expert you will end up burning your food more often then not.
Gas grills also come equipped with different burners. Thus accordingly you can choose which burner to use to cook the food on. Different burners in the gas grill will provide you different level of heat.
Because it comes equipped with multiple burners you can cook various items at the same time. Thus it also helps you to save time.
The other very important factor with gas grill is its easy maintenance. Once you finish cooking you can simply turn off the burner and clean the surface. But in charcoal grill you will have to wait for the surface to cool down and then you can start with the cleaning.
One very important benefit of gas grill is it helps you to retain the flavor of the food. When you cook food in charcoal grill then you tend to get a charcoal odor in your food.
These are some of the reasons why gas grill is more preferred today when it comes to barbecue parties. It is convenient and affordable and thus preferred by the majority.

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