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The last thing any woman wants to worry is the odor coming from the menstruation. It is not only uncomfortable but it could also be embarrassing. Good thing there are now ways you can eliminate that embarrassing odor coming from your menstruation and it is not that hard to follow.

Use healthier and fragrance free feminize wash. The blood itself from your monthly period is odorless but if there are bacteria present on it then it is likely to have that odor. You can lessen the odor or totally eliminate it by using fragrance free feminine wash. Try to wash your private area as often as possible and change your sanitary pads every four hours.

Avoid scented sanitary pads or tampons. The scent from your sanitary pads and tampons can only add up for you to have that embarrassing odor. The scent from these products can lower the pH balance of your system which in turn can increase odor and even infections. So choose for unscented products to help eliminate menstrual odor.

Avoid using baby wipes or wet wipes when wiping yourself clean. This will surely affects the pH balance of your body. If you want to feel fresh and clean after urinating for instance while you have your period, it is wise to carry a bottle of water with you to wash off yourself or use a wet tissue instead.

Wash your hands thoroughly. Always wash your hands after and before you used the comfort room. The menstrual odor do cling on your hands so make sure to wash it using scented or anti bacterial soap.

Spray on a light scented cologne. Do not use any heavy scented perfume because the heat from your body will make the odor worst when combine with the heavy scent coming from your perfume.

Carry an extra pair of underwear. Sanitary napkins need to be change every four hours so as your underwear. You can get some side leaks especially if you move a lot or if you have heavy periods so it is better to have another pair of underwear with you than to sit all day stained and soaked with menstrual blood.

Take regular showers. If possible take a bath in the morning and before you go to sleep. This will eliminate the odor from your private area and from your body as well.

If you will take good care of yourself and observed proper hygiene, then menstrual period odor will not be a problem for you but in case you still experience the same odor even after your period, then it is better to consult your doctor about it because you might have an infection already.

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Eliminate Menstrual Odor Effectively