Study Ways To Prevent Fishy Vagina Odor Naturally a lot more

Many women have the distressing problem or unpleasant body odor from "down below" and simply are at a loss to know how to deal with it. Ironically, some of the things we do to try to alleviate the issue can make matters even worse. There are a number of ways to prevent fishy vagina odor naturally though, which are not difficult to do and are worth implementing straight away.

Fishy vaginal odor is nearly always caused by an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria which normally resides there without problem. The different strains co-exist and are balanced by the slightly acidic PH level. When the PH level is disrupted, an overgrowth of harmful bacteria usually occurs and it is this which causes your symptoms.

Harsh treatments and over-zealous washing can often make the problem even worse as what needs to happen is that the levels of good bacteria are allowed to grow and keep the harmful strains in check.

The ways to prevent fishy vagina odor naturally revolve around simple self management tips and enhancement of the immune system, thus allowing the body to heal itself. Try the following and you should notice a difference within a day or two.

* Only wash twice a day and avoid using perfumed soaps

* Stop smoking, if applicable

* Use a condom for intercourse

* Avoid douching

* Wear only cotton panties

* Avoid tight trousers and pantyhose

* Eat a small pot of live yogurt daily

* Introduce some live yogurt into the vagina via a tampon. This can increase the levels of healthy bacteria

Very commonly, unpleasant vaginal odor is a result of the very common condition known as bacterial vaginosis. If your discharge is fairly watery and gray or white in color, this is very likely to be the case, although you may wish for your doctor to give a diagnosis.

The above ways to prevent fishy vagina odor naturally also apply for bacterial vaginosis. However, there are specific, robust strategies you can try for fast relief and permanent prevention.


Although not harmful in its early stages, if bacterial vaginosis is left untreated it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and can even render some women infertile. Therefore, it is always a good idea to treat the condition promptly. You are particularly at risk if you get repeated attacks.

There are a couple of excellent, tried and tested strategies for dealing with the problem very quickly. You could have complete symptomatic relief within a couple of hours and be completely cured within just 3 days.

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Ways To Prevent Fishy Vagina Odor Naturally