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Green Clean Service Using Non-Toxic Products

Charcoal Odor

There has been a significant change over the last twenty years or so with the green movement. Back then, it was thought of as a group of radicals willing to disrupt the wheels of progress. They were activists that would be willing to be arrested by trespassing on private properties to stop oil companies from drilling, or would latch themselves to trees in an effort to stop timber companies from cutting down their trees.

Back then, they gathered a lot of press attention with their actions but gradually through proper information dissemination and with backing from scientific research, people began to hear their cause and reasons. Slowly but surely, the green movement began going mainstream. These days, the effects of the green movement are seen everywhere. In fact, people have started looking at the green industry as niches where they could have their careers. There is growth businesses that are green based, like the green clean service. A green cleaning service utilizes cleaning agent products that are environmentally responsible. These are cleaning agents that are made naturally and do not have toxic elements. This can be a hard thing to do since most cleaning agents are based on chemicals which are strong and stringent. However, if you think about it, most cleaning agents are based from things that are non toxic at all.

Here are some of the things that we use for cleaning that are based on natural products:

- Citrus. We use citrus based elements as a cleaning and disinfecting agent. These have acidic qualities that help eliminate smells and stains.

- Vinegar. Vinegar is a natural fermentation of sugar based liquids that become acidic in nature and can eliminate stains and blotches.

- Salt. Because of the abrasive nature of salt, it can also be used as an alternative for cleaning. In fact, salt was often used by Roman Catholic nuns as their toothpaste as it worked well for cleaning teeth.

- Talc. Talc has whitening properties that help cover any stains. This is one of the two major agents used in baking soda, which is wildly considered a cure all cleaning agent.

- Charcoal. Charcoal is often used to absorb smells and stains in close quarters. Along with baking soda, charcoal is used to take the smell of in places like refrigerators and closets that may have a certain lingering odor.

Knowing your basic chemistry principles is an advantage in finding nature based products as a cleansing agent. Of course you still need water as a solvent in mixing certain combination to make a nature based cleaning agent. But it is indeed possible to have home made and green cleaning products.

Finally! A great resource about green clean services is here! This is the perfect time to ensure that our future generations can still have a better world to live in. Green cleaning services are slowly becoming a hit for people with genuine concern for the world!