Understand How Can I Get Rid of Cat's Urine - 3 Tips more

How Can I Get Rid of Cat's Urine - 3 Tips

Charcoal Odor

Cat's urine can be one of the most powerful smells that can ruin the inside of someone's house. If cat's urine infiltrates into fabrics, it can be next to impossible to remove. Here are some tips on how to get rid of the odor of cats urine.

1. Because cats urine is an organic acidic compound, this can be neutralized using ph balancing products, such as baking soda.

2. If the urine is outside, it's possible to use charcoal, activated charcoal mixed with water and applied to the area with a watering can or hose.

3. If the urine has contaminated fabrics such as carpet, it's possible to use chemical products such as bleach. These must only be used as a last resort, not a lot of animal owners like using these kinds of products around their animals, so it's best to take advice from your local veterinary.

Their are also some things you should not do when cleaning the affected area. Some cleaning products have a similar chemical compound as cats urine. Ammonia which is found inside cleaning products and urine, can make your cat pee in the same spot over and over again. This is because the cleaning product will smell exactly the same as urine to your cat, making them return over and over again.

It's better to take your time and make sure you use the right products to clean up the urine. Some natural products mixed together will eliminate the odor straight away, whilst chemical products only mask the odor, not eliminating or cleaning.

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