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Everyday, millions of bottled water is consumed all over the world. 80% of the bottles are discarded in garbage dumps. And that is not to count the bottled juices, green tea and sodas also replete in the market. In the near future, you can expect bottles of water to populate the surface of the earth and that is not exaggerating things.

This is one of the reasons why water filtration systems installed at home are pushed by many companies. If not to gain more profit, then to contribute to the lessening of consumption of water in bottles. But the question is, are they as reliable?

The reason why we buy water in bottles is because they have been rendered completely pure. Tap water is not safe to drink at all as it is riddled with all sorts of impurities-visible or not.

The companies that sell bottled up water use top of the line filtration system. Some are purified water and some are distilled water. Experts say that distilled water is the cleanest of them all because other than removing sediments and particles, it has been boiled to completely remove pathogens and other micro organisms. This is a technology not yet present in home filtration systems.

However, home filter units also have their own technology in removing water contaminants and most of them have been proven reliable. Some use activated charcoal filters that can remove odor and taste of chlorine in addition to removing minerals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and magnesium among other things.

Another effective method incorporated in home filters is reverse osmosis. This can help remove chemicals, pesticides and hard minerals in water content. Water that undergoes reverse osmosis system taste better than those that do not.

It also depends on what brand you are getting. Prior to purchasing a home filter unit, check out first what it has to offer you. First, get to know how many filtration steps it uses. The more steps, the cleaner your water gets.

Also find out its life span. How many clean gallons of water can it produce without glitches? Its efficiency is something you should consider. It also helps to find a filter system that can resist bacteria formation.

If you choose the right water filter brand, you can drink only clean water as long as you are using the filtration system. So start searching and reading reviews now so you can find the best one that is currently available in the market.

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Do Water Filters Really Serve Purified Water As Well As Bottled Water?