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I've looked at and studied many home water filtration systems.  While no system is perfect there are systems that have been engineered for high levels of filtration (8 to 15 stages) and performance with low maintenance and at a surprisingly low cost.

Protect Yourself And Your Family From Contaminated Water

Water Filtration Means Water Safety Many people are concerned over water safety, particularly drinking water safety.  Sometimes the concern is due to a sulfur smell or taste but you may have a real concern because of chlorine and fluoride in your water particularly with infants in the home.   If you are concerned and want to remove the bad odors and taste from your water then you are in the right place.  Others would also have concerns about the chlorine and other chemicals in their shower or bath water we will also discuss this. Home water filtration systems can accomplish removing all of this in one central unit for the whole house or you may choose separate filtering for your drinking water and showers. 

Drinking water filters attach to the tap or can be mounted under the counter.  A separate shower or bath water filter can be used for bathing water. The chemicals and minerals in the water also make soaps and shampoo less effective and even leave a film on your skin, your clothes, and your dishes.  A simple water softener can take care of many of these cleaning issues yet a whole home water filtration system might be the best choice because they also make your water healthier.

Water Filter Basics The most common drinking water filters are carbon filters, UV filters, reverse osmosis filters, and ceramic filters.  All clean your water of particulate matter and microorganisms.  Microorganisms are of particular concern when considering a well water in line filter. As you will see there is a great variance in exactly what these different types of filters do.  There are four basic types of filter used singly or together in home water filtration systems,

Carbon filters usually screw on to the tap.  Water is cleaned by passing it through layers of activated charcoal.  The impurities stick to the carbon and clean water passes out.   Brita and resin based water filters use powdered carbon bound with a resin into small blocks that provide even higher filtration than activated charcoal.

Ceramic filters work the same way but use silicon diatomaceous earth instead of carbon.  These passive filters provide a lower level of filtration than other types and the filters need to be changed at regular intervals because they lose ability to clean over time.

UV Water filters uses focused ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms and other biological impurities in the water.  These filters don't remove the particulate matter.  When used in home systems UV filters are usually part of a system that uses other processes to remove the debris.

Reverse osmosis water filters provide the highest level of purification of your water.  Usually there is an activated carbon filter combined with a UV filter although other filtering is sometimes used.  These systems can even remove salt from sea water.  These filters ensure that your drinking water is as pure as possible.

Filters For Shower And Bath: Shower and bath filters are becoming popular.  In many places, our water is over-chlorinated.  Chlorinated water, like "hard water," makes your shampoos and soaps less effective, when you remove the chlorine you will probably find that you use less soap and shampoo. Perhaps the biggest trouble with chlorine is a health issue.  The chlorine vaporizes with the steam in your shower and irritates the lungs.  Shower filters that attach at the shower head can filter out chlorine and other impurities and removes these unhealthy vapors.  These filters typically are metallic because the carbon doesn't work well with hot water.

Home Water Filtration Systems: The best home water filtration systems give you the whole shooten' match.  These systems attach where water comes into the house and the water passes through multiple filters to remove all sediment, chemicals, bacteria, and contaminants before they enter your home.   All of the water that your family uses is filtered, pure, and healthy. Rest easy knowing that chlorine and fluoride water filters are working along with filtering for bacteria, mercury, lead, and arsenic along with 500 or more other dangerous contaminants.

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Home Water Filtration Systems, Remove Bad Odor, Taste, And Dangerous Chemicals Like Chlorine And Flu